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Proudly Celebrating 100 Years!

Teperman has been a continuous owned family operation spanning five generations in Canada. It has evolved from a small labour intensive operation from the turn of the century to a complex, multifaceted operation of today. Its head offices are presently located in Toronto, Ontario with branches in Edmonton, Ottawa, Sarnia and Montreal. We have been involved in demolition activities in Canada from the East to the West coasts in a large variety of projects. We have also done some work out of the country in conjunction with other firms.

Our span of work has been for many varied clients. These entail all levels of Municipal, Provincial and Federal governments as well as major developers in large cities, all banks, hospitals and corporations in the oil and petro-chemical industries.

Our firms have experienced tremendous growth over the last few years and have become leaders in their field. In fact, outside business has generated over eighty percent (80%) of their total income exclusive of work done for Teperman’s. In addition, we have formed additional corporations to enhance our field of operation with such companies like Best Asbestos Removal Ltd., which specializes in asbestos removal in the Chemical Valley in Sarnia, Ontario; and Premier Insulations Ltd., which has Union affiliation with the Insulators to re-insulate facilities that asbestos has been removed.