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Our Divisions

Our diversity and knowledge as well as the equipment, which is owned by us, ensure that we are able to provide a wide range of services for our clients in all capacities. Our personnel are fully experienced and knowledge in their fields and able to respond to the most difficult of client’s needs. Unfortunately as this company is a private corporation, we cannot enclose or make available any financial statements, as it is the wishes of the shareholders that this information not be released.

Should you have any further questions, queries or require information please contact us directly so we may assist you in whichever capacity.


Our demolition work has always been done with the utmost care and diligence from experience gained over the years by five generations of the Teperman people. This continuous commitment to excellence has led to respect and admiration of our client base to fulfill their needs and commitments in the demolition industry in Canada. Through the years this has led to the association of the name Teperman with demolition.


Waste Management
Our waste management division is a full service, licensed transportation company that provides service to companies that require haulage of waste and the movement of hazardous materials.


Scrap Metal
Teperman has the resources to dispose of all scrap and unusable equipment resulting from your demolition job, saving you time and inconvenience. Planking, steel beams, fixtures, used building materials available at all our salvage yards.


General Contracting
Teperman has the ability to handle all of the many details of a demolition job. You deal with one source, saving you time, trouble and money.