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Accident prevention is a total management responsibility. Top management shall support and enforce the Safety Program to assure that it is given direction to conduct all operations in accordance with all applicable regulations, safe work practices, and procedures. Supervision, at each level is held directly accountable within the scope of its work assignment, for personnel, property and materials under its immediate jurisdiction.

The safety and well-being of all employees on the project will receive first consideration throughout all phases of the work. It is necessary that each employee, particularly supervision, be fully aware of the scope of responsibility he or she must accept and carry out in order to achieve accident free work in their area of responsibility.

Safety must start when and where by the same means that any phase of work starts – at the planning stage. No work has ever been accomplished without some degree of planning; the more thorough the planning, the better the results. Thus, all supervision who is responsible for planning or directing work will secure a degree of accident prevention to commensurate with the thoroughness with which they fulfill this obligation. The safety accomplishment of any group will hinge on and be measured by supervision’s insistence on safe work.

The safety Department shall coordinate all safety activities and assist in every manner possible toward a mutual goal of safe work. They cannot, however, relieve any supervisor of his responsibility to direct the work of his employees in a safe manner.

We ask each employee to cooperate to the fullest extent in complying with the safety rules, regulations and safe work practices. Safety goals will only be accomplished by an intensive effort on the part of all personnel on the project and the willingness of each person to accept his individual responsibility to work safely.