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proj_ford Ford Motor Assembly Plant (Oakville, Ontario)

Description: Major tearout in Automotive Plant involving removal of in excess of 135 chimneys and exhaust systems by helicopter.

proj_nordic Nordic Mine (Rio Algom, Elliot Lake, Ontario)

Nordic Mine was started 1955, closed 1986. Structures include boiler plant, hoist, mill, warehouses, and storage facilities. Products included uranium, thorium and yttrium. Duration of project including site remediation was 8 months.


St. Lawrence Starch (Port Credit, Ontario)

Plant site has been in operation since 1889. In addition to demolition of all structures, excluding the historical main office, there included the handling and disposal of significant levels of designated substances such as asbestos, arsenic, lead, mercury, PCB’s, liquid and solid wastes. In addition, demolition included the felling of the 320 foot concrete stack by use of explosives. Duration of this project was approximately 8 months.


proj_dowchemical Dow Chemical (Sarnia, Ontario)

Project involved the dismantling and removal of a 180 ft suspended boiler in a fully operational chemical plant. Duration of the work was approximately eight months with no lost time injuries. The entire plant’s electrical supply as well as natural gas lines ran adjacent to the existing boilers.

proj_inco Inco (Coppercliff, Ontario)

Demolition of existing furnace building, including roasters, sample house and runaround. Project involved removal of structures within an operating environment on a very tight schedule. Project was completed 2 days in advance of deadline with no lost time injuries during adverse winter weather conditions. Approximately 5,000 tons of scrap steel was generated and shipped.


proj_arrowhead Arrowhead Metal (Etobicoke, Ontario)

Complete demolition of 1.2 million square foot foundry and plant in Etobicoke. Project involved asbestos, PCB waste containment and storage, disposal of carbon block dust and contaminated soil and brick. Project generated in excess of 10,000 tons of scrap steel and over 200 tons of marketable copper scrap. Demolition was 18 months.


proj_stanrock Stanrock Mine, Denison Mines (Elliot Lake, Ontario)

Stanrock Uranium Mine and Mill was commissioned in March of 1958 with a designed mill capacity of 3,300 tons per day. Structures include existing boiler plant, mill, hoist, concrete head frame and assorted warehouses. Involved in the contract was the capping of service raises and placing of rock fill plug at the entrance to the adit. Problems associated with the project involved higher than normal radiation contamination of building materials, equipment and residual yelloweake on the floor of the mill. Duration of this project was approximately 12 months.


proj_eaton Toronto Eaton Centre (Toronto, Ontario)

Redevelopment of an entire city block comprising of over a dozen major buildings over the course of two years. A project of this size had never been undertaken in Toronto prior to and since. Close co-ordination between Owner, City representatives and construction crews allowed tight schedule to be met and costs to be within budget.


proj_stelco Stelco Steel – Hilton Works (Hamilton, Ontario)

Two ore bridges, built in 1951 were demolished utilizing shaped charges explosives. Each bridge measured over 1,000 feet long, were 160 feet high and weighed 3,500 tons. After bridges were dropped, Hydraulic shears cut up steel into prepared scrap that was sold to an adjacent mill. Duration of project was less than 3 months